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Relaunch of the site

The year is 2020. I have finished my Bachelor of Music and have now started a Honours degree exploring found sound composition.

The world is experiencing a virus called COVID-19 and people are staying home to help stop the spread.

This virus has given me time to redo THAT SAMPLING LIFE so that it is bigger and better than before. (I wasn't really happy with the site when If first launched it). I am righting this blog post as a sort of time capsule of where the site was at this point of time.

I hope to relaunch the site very soon after posting this. (in the next month hopefully).

I have redone a lot of the packs and remove some that I wasn't happy with. I have lots of ideas for new pack to upload in the future as well.

See you future Jacob hope the site is up and running and people are active on it.

Yours Sincerely Past Jacob :)



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