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Buncha Bass Drums (Free Sample Pack)

Behind The Samples - How I made "Buncha Bass Drums".

The "Buncha Bass Drums" pack was an idea I had while experimenting with an amazing open-source program called "VCV Rack". ( VCV Rack is an open-source modular synth program.


I wanted to create a 'free' pack that had a bunch of interesting synthesised bass drums for people to use. I know when you are starting out producing music it can be hard to find samples that can really inspire you to create. So I wanted to create this free pack that had a bunch of interesting options to start a track with.

The main inspiration for this pack was liking the alliteration of the words "Buncha Bass Drums" that flowed off the tongue. Furthermore, it was a great way to create a series of free drum samples with the next in the series being "Buncha Snare Drums". (

I design and create all the imagery for "That Sampling Life" with photoshop and a free 3D Modeling program called Blender ( For the design of the packs, I wanted a very simple and clean design that didn't take too much work to create. I took a lot of the inspiration for the design of this pack from isometric low poly art. (Add some images and reference them) I love its simplicity and clean design.


Here is the final design I did for this pack.

Or you can check out what some of the bass drums sound like here. (

Thank you for checking out the "That Sampling Life" Blog. From me (Jacob) and all my clones. (Also Jacob) :) :P


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