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Guitar, Bass & Ukulele String Recommendations.

Hello, My name is Jacob. Creator of That Sampling Life & Many other projects. 🤟😄👍

For people who don't know I have a music teaching business called J.W.F Music Teaching.

I teach Guitar, Bass, Drums, Ukulele and Piano.

I am writing this blog post as I am opening a new section of my business where I do Restringing and setups for Electric Guitar & Electric Bass's and Restinging for Acoustic Guitars, Bass and Ukuleles.

What will covered in this blog post.

  • Recommendations for strings.

  • What gauge of string to choose. (Depending on what style and genre you are playing)

  • Why I recommend certain brands.

I am not sponsored by any of these brands these are just my personal recommendations from my own experiences.

If you want more information on what string to buy I would recommend going to a music store and talking to the staff there on what they recommend for the style/genre you want to play.

I have 3 brands that I recommend and have used before.

D'addario, Ernie Ball & Elixir.

Nylon String Acoustic

For a Nylon string acoustic guitar I would recommend A Ernie Ball Earth Wood set.

They are the cheapest set that use ball ends. (Simplifies the restringing process)

Ernie ball have been around since 1958 and are used by many professionals in all genres and styles.


For A Ukulele I would again recommend Ernie Ball.

This pack work with a Concert/Soprano Size ukulele.

They also use ball ends.

For A Tenor Ukulele I suggest again Erine Ball (Tried and true)

Not sure what size ukulele you have? Here is a great blog post the teaches you the different sizes of ukuleles.

Electric Guitar

For electric guitar I have a lot of recommendations as it is my primary instrument and I play in many styles using it.

For Standard Tuning (E A D G B E)

At the lower end I would recommend Ernie Balls as a standard set is around $13 dollars.

A more premium longer lasting brand I use on all my guitars is Elixir.

(With proper cleaning and care can last 3 - 6 months butwill dull slightly in tone)

(Depending on how much you play guitar & the ambient humidity of your room)

For Drop tunings - Drop C#, C, B, A#, A

For anything down to Drop B I would recommend the

With a setup can sometimes work in lower drop tunings, but can lack the tension some people look for.

I have used them to tune as low as Drop A but can be a little floppy if you are looking for more accuracy in your picking.

Elixir also do a set around the same gauge

Ernie Ball also do a thicker set called Ernie Ball Mammoth Slinky 12-62 Electric Guitar Strings.

These may be better if you plan to keep your guitar in a lower drop tuning and not tune up to higher than A#.

Electric Bass

I again recommend Ernie Ball and Elixir as I have use both these types many times.

Bass string usally last a long time even if they are different brands. Also traditonally you want you bass string on for a longer time so they dull out and arent as bright in tone. But this depend on the type of music you play.

The Ernie Balls are cheaper but can last pretty well. (With the correct cleaning)

The Elixir are more expensive but last excellently. I had a set on my bass once for over a year.

Making sure to clean them with string cleaner.

For drop tunings on bass I would recommend a set that is about 65-130 Gauge.

(I assume if you are playing drop tuning on bass you have played bass for a while and know what you need)

Acoustic Guitar

For acoustic guitar I recommend all three brands.

For six strings acoustics

For 12 String Acoustics

Acoustic Bass

For acoustic bass I again recommend all three brands The Ernie ball and D'addario are cheaper than the Elixir's but the Elixir's will last longer before needing a new set.

Closing thoughts

I hope this was informative and helps you with you choice of string when you visit my Restinging and setup shop. If you choose to get a set of strings from me rather than providing your own these are the brands/types I will pick from.

Many thanks for reading this blog post, From Jacob 🤟😄👍



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