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There are 109 samples in this pack recorded using my Mapex Drum kit as seen in the image above.

You will find general drum samples in this pack like kicks and snares but there are also some more unique sounds.

E.g. hits on the side and rim of the drums as well as most of the sounds hit using my hand, drum sticks and brushes.

You also get 111 loops with the fills for each loop included that can be dragged and dropped into your session.

The kit is quite old but this gives it a dry/vintage sound that you may want to use in your next song.

The samples can be imported into a drum rack and then played on a midi input device.

Example - Using Ableton live 9,10's included instrument "Drum rack" or Logic pro's Drum kit designer.

Link to Ableton Drum Rack Instrument -

Link to logics Empty Drum kit designer Instrument -

Example Of Sounds

Download the My Drum Set sample pack below

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