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Drink Bottle Loops - Drums and Piano V2

All the sounds in this pack were created using metal and plastic water bottles.

What do you get in this pack?

  • 5 Different drum kits made with water bottles.

  • 4 Melodic instruments made with water bottles

  • The original modified samples so that you can put them in your own sampler and modify them yourself

  • 304 loops of both the drum kit and melodic instruments.

Names of the instruments created to make the loops in this pack.

  • Metal Bottle Silver Drum Kit

  • Metal Bottle Blue Drum Kit

  • Metal Bottle Blue Melodic Bell Loops - Bell loops, Mystic Bell Loops & Spooky Arp.

  • Metal Bottle Green Ambient Drum Kit and Metal Bottle Green Piano.

  • Large Green Plastic Bottle Glitch Drum Kit

  • 2 Litre Drum kit

Microphones used:

2 Behringer C2 Microphones

Audio Techinca AT2020

Example Of Sounds

Download the Water Bottle sample pack below

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