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I found this DIY synth kit on a site called "Tech Will Save Us".

Using this kit you can create 3 different types of synths.

With the items found in this kit, you can create a Dub Siren Synth a stutter synth and a Atari synth.

Each synth has its strengths and weaknesses but they all create unique and interesting sounds

If you want to make a track like the one seen below you will have to pitch the sounds to a note so that you can place them on a keyboard as the 'DIY SYNTH" doesn't have any set pitch control to a musical scale.

These files can be imported into a sampler and then played on a keyboard
Example - Using Ableton live lite included instrument "Simpler" or Logic pro's EX24 instrument.

Link to Ableton Simpler Instrument -

Link to logics EX24 Instrument -

Example Of Sounds

Download the DIY SYNTH sample pack below

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