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If you are looking for high quality stereo recordings of nature you have come to the right place. This pack consists of 10 ambient nature recordings.  Each recording is around 10 minutes and was recorded using two Behringer C2 microphones at 44,100 sample rate. So there is lots of good ambience to chop up and manipulate. 

Ambience found in the pack:

1. Down By The Waters Edge

2. The Mangrove Forest

3. By The Water At My Local Beach

4. Conservation Reserve - big open space

5.Shed Ambience

6. Australian Back Garden

7. Australian Bush Ambience

8.Australian Front Garden Ambience

9. Bush Ambience Test

Over 1hour 20 mins of Ambience.

Format: .WAV

File Size: 1.6GB (Zipped File)

Number Of Files: 34

Click below to get this pack.

Current Price: $10

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