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That Sampling Life Licensing Agreement


All sounds, samples, presets, audio files and software hosted and sold on That Sampling Life are covered by International Copyright © For the life of the creator plus 70 years.

By downloading any packs from "That Sampling Life"  you agree to the following license.

You MUST purchase these libraries to obtain a legal License to use these sounds in any of your work – professional or otherwise. Licence is Royalty free.


These sound recordings are released under license. The artists/vendors own and control the rights to the Recordings hosted on this site and described in this agreement.

By using all or any portion of the sounds, samples, presets, audio files and software in these products, you accept all the terms and conditions of this agreement. The artists retain all title to and ownership of these files and sounds and reserve all rights not expressly granted to purchasers.


The sounds, samples, presets, audio files and software contained within the products may not be sold as part of another sample library or collection of audio tracks or presets, in part or in whole.

Manipulated or modified recordings of the Sound Recordings or presets may not be sold as part of another sample library. The Sound Recordings, samples and presets may not be copied or sold for profit, except when used in the Licensee’s productions as part of a greater body of work.


1. Claim ownership or authorship of the Software, presets or samples.

2. Sell the samples or presets to individuals or groups.


Use the Sound Recordings in any type of media production that isn’t a sound, sample or preset library or collection of audio recordings that are re-sold/licensed.

The licensee may use works purchased from "That Sampling Life" in productions included, but are not limited to, music, games, films, compact disks, DVDs, live sound, radio and broadcast.


The license agreements are effective for the lifetime of the purchaser.

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