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Hi, my name is Jacob Wort-Field. 

I am the creator of
That Sampling Life. 

During 2020 I commenced and completed a research honours degree in music with the University of Canberra. 

My research question was:
How can we manipulate the sounds of the world around us so that they can be used in a more musically beneficial way?

The overall theme of the project to explore different sonic materials and techniques around composing music with
"Found Sound". I wanted to explore the concept of manipulated and unmanipulated sound. 

Found sound is a kind of Found Object art where the composer collects sounds from the world around them. These sound may not have any traditional musical qualities to them but are transformed and manipulated by the composer to create a musical piece.

Below you will find a download link for my dissertation. It is a pay what you want purchase so you could choose "Free" or if you would like you could donate even as little as a $1. This project was a year of work and a challenge so any donation would be amazing and greatly appreciated.

I really want anyone who wants to read it to have access to it so that is why it is a pay what you want purchase.

Additionally below you will find YouTube links to each of the tracks I created during this project.

There are 30 tracks all together - 10 Tracks with manipulation, 10 Tracks with no manipulation and 10 tracks combining both the manipulated and unmanipulated tracks to compare the two.

Thank you for checking out my honours project.

Jacob (Creator Of That Sampling Life)

Send me an email at if you want to know more about my dissertation. Thanks :)



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