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Free Helm Presets

A lot of the default presets I have used with most free Soft synths don't inspire me much.


They are too perfect sounding or are just too weird for the music I like to make.

The world is a chaotic place so I don't want my synth sounds to be perfectly in tune all the time. They need a little Chaos as well.

I achieve this as well as a kind of analog feel by modulating the pitch of the oscillators with an LFO.

So I created these 10 presets that have a little bit of chaos and would inspire me to create music.

Don't get me wrong I love helm and It has some great-sounding presets. But I like creating sounds that inspire me.

Furthermore "Helm" is one of the best free softsynths you can get.

With a simple layout and everything write in front of you it is a great soft synth to start creating music with.


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