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In 2017 I wanted to challenge myself to create a video game. 


I had a couple of years of experience with 3D modelling and texturing in "Blender" but I did not know anything about game design or coding.


I chose to build my game in "Unreal engine" as it has a similar interface to "blender" with both using a "visual scripting system".


Forest Of Trees is a first-person experience about exploring a beautiful virtual world with an amazing soundtrack.


Your goal is to open the door to the lighthouse at the end of the game.


To accomplish this goal you need to collect these 5 items (Seen Below). There are 50 items to collect all together to open the door to the lighthouse.


Forest Of Trees is the first full game that I have ever created. I have always wanted to make a game as well as write music for games so I decided to challenge myself both musically and with my 3D work to create this game. 


I have been playing/writing music since I was 8 years old.  As well as playing video games since I was 5 or 6. So you can see that these two creative outlets have been a lifelong passion of mine.


My main goal was to see if I could create a fully fleshed-out game with an amazing soundtrack.



For Forest of Trees, I wrote over 1 hour and 30 minutes of original music to accompany the game.

(You can find the music below)

Link to 3D Models I created for "Forest Of Tree".


You can download the game here -


Music I wrote for
Forest Of Trees.

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