I created the Fat drum sample instrument because I have always wanted a really fat-sounding drum to use in a game, tv or movie score.


So I sorted through some old samples I recorded back in 2016 of my second-hand Mapex drum kit with its old heads. I then picked out some of the hardest and fattest hits I could find.

Out of these samples, I created the That Sampling Life - Fat Drums Sample instrument for Decent Sampler. This pack also include a Logic Sampler version if you use logic and want that version.

35 Drum loops both dry and wet - 70 all together.

14 one-shot drum Samples both dry and wet.

Used to create the sample instrument - 28 all together.

and 5 Stacked one shots that are really big and powerful

also both dry and wet - 10 all together.


All together: 108 samples/loops and 2 sample instruments.

To use the Fat Drums Sample Instrument you will need to install a FREE plugin called "Decent Sampler".

LINK TO DECENT SAMPLER WEBSITE - https://www.decentsamples.com/product/decent-sampler-plugin/

HOW TO USE DECENT SAMPLER - https://www.decentsamples.com/how-to-use-decent-sampler/

fat drum instrument.PNG