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Mescape the rig

Mescape the rig


Mescape the rig

Escape The Rig is a procedural map horror game.

Your goal is to collect 100 keys to escape the oil rig.

The keys and landscape are all procedurally placed for the player. So each time you play you will have a new challenge to find the keys.

Additionally, there are monsters to contend with "The Siren Head's". These monsters have also been placed procedurally around the oil rig.


There are between 90-100 siren heads throughout the level. So try to keep your distance, but if you get too close bad things will happen.

I modelled some of the assets myself but I did download a lot of pre-made assets to help speed up development.

Additionally, I created all the music and most of the sound effects. I did download a few select sounds that I could not create myself.

You can play test the game here.

Music I wrote for

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